For $15 a Night, Rent Out the Back of This Toronto Man’s SUV

SUV Airbnb

Can’t afford a condo, apartment, or house? Need temporary housing or literally just a place to sleep? A Toronto man has just the solution: for $311 per month, you can sleep in the back of his SUV (mattress included!).

The Mercedes SUV is parked on a “safe, quiet street” and located in the historic Distillery District, a usually upscale, high-priced area, reports City News. The SUV’s trunk sleeps up to 2 people on its foam mattress, and there are curtains for privacy. You can even drive it at extra cost!

Of course, there are a few important things missing. Hopefully, you have a gym membership or another way to shower. You’ll have to find a nearby place with toilet access overnight, just in case. There’s obviously no place to cook, and dinner in bed is the only option at home; plus, ordering takeout might be a bit strange. When you’re broke, though, these things won’t matter as much as having a roof over your head and mattress to sleep on.

Will this turn into a trend? With the continuing rise of Toronto’s housing prices, the possibility doesn’t seem too far-fetched. A $15/night price may seem a bit high just to sleep in the back of an SUV, but if you just need a place to crash for a few nights, that’s a price that’s hard to beat.

Krista Johnson

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