Retailers Under Fire in 2017: Who’s Downsizing, Who’s Adapting, and Who’s Going Under?


There's a struggle going on in the retail industry, and it's not hard to find the top three culprits: the Internet, advancing technology, and the inability to adapt. Changing consumer habits and the steady rise of e-commerce sales continue to hammer brick-and-mortar retail stores in 2017, with chains such as

Winter Storm Stella: What’s a ‘weather bomb’?

Snowy Road

A nor'easter is setting up shop to dump over two feet of snow in the northeast Monday night, and forecasters are using the term weather bomb to describe the event.  But what does that mean? Winter Storm Stella could undergo a process called bombogenesis, reports the Weather Channel, where the system 'bombs out.' It's similar to what happens

Bird flu in Tennessee: First case of 2017 found in commercial flock (Updated)


The United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) issued a press release on Sunday to confirm highly pathogenic avian influenza was found in a commercial chicken breeder's flock in Lincoln County, Tennessee. The 73,500-bird flock experienced an increased number of deaths, raising a red flag and leading to laboratory