A Forgotten Nation

Slowly the sun rises over the reservation. The occasional tractor-trailer rumbles down Route 18, its clamor reverberating for miles in the grasslands. Sleek sedans purr by, their destination far in the distance. Pick-up trucks ramble on noisily, carrying farm equipment that will hopefully cultivate the barren land. A landscape of beautiful

The Party of Small Government and Free Markets Has an Identity Problem

Look Right

There's been a fascinating dynamic within the Republican party ever since Donald Trump declared his candidacy for President, and it's shined a light on how the talking points of vocal Republican voters don't meet their real desires for governance. States' rights has been the battle cry against the evil, overpowering Federal

Trumpcare vs Obamacare: GOP government-mandated penalty harder on American wallets


After years of complaints about tax penalties and negative effects on small businesses, republicans are now taking a page from Obamacare (aka the Affordable Care Act) and planning a harsher attack on the uninsured with their own Trumpcare government-mandated penalty. First, let's be honest: in order to keep the preexisting conditions clause, politicians had

Opinion: Wiretaps and Russians, which side have you picked?

Donald Trump

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've heard the latest political drama involving ties to Russia in Trump's administration/campaign and Trump's claim that President Barack Obama tapped his phones in Trump Tower.  My initial reaction to yet another round of accusations was simple. But then I hit Twitter and other social

Women’s History Month: 100 years since the Silent Sentinels’ White House protests


Starting in 1987, March of each year has been proclaimed Women's History Month, a time set aside to commemorate and celebrate the contribution of women to American history. As we get closer to the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th amendment, more and more important suffragist events are hitting

Opinion: Socks in bed to help you sleep? Not on these hot feet!


The Sleep Foundation wants you to know that warming your feet may help if you're having trouble falling asleep. This causes vasodilation, which reduces the time it takes to fall asleep: Heating cold feet causes vasodilation—dilation of the blood vessels—which may tell the brain that it is bedtime. After the blood vessels