Car and Trip to Brazil Raffled in Campaign for University Student Government

ASUNCION, Paraguay— In Paraguay’s national university, the Universidad Nacional de Asunción (UNA), the elections for the student government of each college are in full swing. In the university’s law school, Facultad de Derecho UNA, which is esteemed as the country’s best law school, there are four candidates running for the presidency. Alexandra Vera González is one of them.

Vera is the daughter of a Paraguayan Minister of the National Anti-Drugs Secretariat (SENAD) Hugo Vera Hugo Vera. As the closing event of her campaign, she threw a party earlier this week on Tuesday. The party featured an open bar of cocktails and beer, free kebabs from a popular Paraguayan fast food restaurant called Lomilitos, and party tables stocked with whiskey, Jägermeister, and soft drinks. 

On top of this, Vera offered a raffle contest of a car and a round-trip airplane ticket to popular beach destination Camboriú, in Brazil. 

Ad image of González’s campaign promoting the closure party that circulated Facebook and other social media, obtained by news outlet ABC Color.

The catch? Vera had won a full-ride scholarship to the university three years ago to fund her undergraduate degree for insolvent reasons (ie: bankruptcy).

Alejandra Vera, pictured here surrounded by members of her campaign management team, wearing a white button up and smiling for a promotional shot. Featured in ABC Color on Thursday, March 23, 2017. (Facebook)

Fellow student and candidate for president of the student government at the UNA Law School, Camilo Gauto, reported her for misuse of government funding to the media. Students of the UNA Law School also claim that when they had asked about the party, Vera said that her family had funded it. When news outlet ABC Color called Vera, she declined to comment.

On a radio interview with Ñanduti 1020 A.M., Minister Hugo Vera said, “I have no conditions to give away a car.” In this same interview, he claimed that his daughter was not involved in any way with the raffles and that she is “an emerging leader.”

At the time, there are no formal investigations being carried out on the origins of the funds for Vera’s campaign.

Ximena Blanco

Ximena Blanco

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